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UK's largest range of box rotators.

There are two ranges to choose from
*K54 A/C
*K54 AZ/CZ

The standard K54 A/C range  design has supersed one of the most popular range of rotators on the UK market the K53 A/C range.

Ideal for planting and harvestering box rotating
Suitable for telescopic, frontend loader and industrial forklifts.
Handles all box sizes fond on the UK market
180 degrees rotation, helps complete emptying of boxes
Rack and sprocket drive, ensures controlled gentle handling of crop and box.
Hydraulic control flow valve, can be set and locked to ensure a steady speed during operation.
1200mm long pallet forks

The K54 AZ/CZ machine is for growers/packers that handle and rotate large volumes of boxes throughout the year. Like the K54 A/C range it shares the same drive system. But the Z range uses 2 large taper roller bearings fitted to a chrome molybdenum centre pin.
It enables the Z range to handle large amounts of constant rotation with low maintenance. Still needs greasing though !
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